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The Relative Clause in Mə̀dʉ́mbɑ̀ and the Architecture of the Left Perip The Relative Clause in Mə̀dʉ́mbɑ̀ and the Architecture of the Left Periphery


This article provides an analysis of the relative clause construction in Mə̀dʉ́mbɑ̀ that is consistent with some of the most recent theoretical analyses of relatives. Specifically, the article presents various kinds of relative clauses and then establishes the factors that differentiate one from the other. The analysis demonstrates that the structure of the relative clause in Mə̀dʉ́mbɑ̀, especially as concerns the co-occurrence of the relative marker and a regular complementizer, can be better captured if we assume De Vries’ IP-internal relative DP hypothesis and Rizzi’s split-C hypothesis and add to these the view that DP-Rel (the IP-internal relative clause) moves to Spec-FinP. It is further proposed that there is an EPP feature with an illocutionary force in the left periphery of CP which attracts FinP and pied-pipes the finiteness clause to the left periphery of the complementizer clause. The appropriate fronted constituent checks this EPP feature in Spec-ForceP (FinP) that is raised to that position.

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