Journal of West African Languages

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Language Family: Atlantic
Topic #1: Deictics
Topic #2: Dialectology
Spatial Deixis in Ibeme Dialect of Spatial Deixis in Ibeme Dialect of Igbo


The study examines spatial deixis in Ibeme dialect of Igbo and, specifically, the forms of spatial deixis marking and their markers. Introspection featured in data collection as the researcher is a native speaker of the dialect. It is discovered that unlike in standard Igbo, Ibeme Igbo has a unique spatial deixis forms. In Ibeme Igbo, spatial deixis marks [+&- nearness to the speaker] and ‘particularity’, specialty/emphatic’ and ‘schematic’ orientation of an entity. The study also finds that in Ibeme Igbo, a/e marks close or nearness to speaker and operates in harmony with the vowel of the nominal while ri, risi and nu/nyo mark away from speaker in three aspects namely particularity, specialty and schematic orientations respectively. The study concludes that deixis shows interesting and complex variations in dialects of a language.

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