Journal of West African Languages

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 Metaphors of Death in Kusaal Metaphors of Death in Kusaal


Metaphors are the spice of life. This is true especially in a realm where associations rather than parallels are drawn from our everyday experiences. The case of users of Kusaal is not any different as several instances abound where the language users say one thing and imply another; often, with a much deeper intended meaning. In this paper, we draw on Lakoff and Johnson’s Conceptual Metaphor Theory to explore the span of metaphors of death in Kusaal. The results show that the similarities that are highlighted reflect the place of Kusaal language users in the wider worldview in which they share in similar experiences and conceptualise everyday matters along similar familiar planes.


Volume Number 47.1
Topic #1 Proverbs
Author This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Language Family Gur
Subject Language Kusaal

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