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A Corpus-Driven Study of Multiword Expressions in Igbo A Corpus-Driven Study of Multiword Expressions in Igbo

In recent years, a number of investigations have been devoted to how computers can facilitate linguistic research. One specific area on the computer frontier which still remains quite open to exploration is corpus linguistics. This paper argues that computer-enabled linguistic approach can contribute to the study of multiword expressions (henceforth MWEs) in Igbo. We extract Igbo MWEs using concordance lines. The objective is to use concordance lines to derive MWE candidates and to reveal meanings and usages that cannot be realized through mere mental prodding. Through in-depth meaning analysis, the study demonstrates how extracted word groups qualify as MWEs. We use the Oxford Wordsmith Tools (henceforth WST) Version 6. The WST software package was developed by Mike Scott and it is published by the Oxford University Press. Data used in this study consists of a four-million-word Igbo corpus. Keywords in context (KWIC) were two parts of the human body. These are anya (eye) and ọnụ (mouth). In each case of the selected words, concordance lines are presented to illustrate, with examples, the company each query item keeps. Extracted MWEs are presented in tables. The conclusion is that, indeed, concoerdance tool is a productive approach in extracting Igbo MWEs.


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