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Noun pluralisation as a dialect marker in Līkpākpáln ‘Konkomba’ Noun pluralisation as a dialect marker in Līkpākpáln ‘Konkomba’


This paper is a descriptive analysis of nominal pluralisation in Līkpākpáln (Konkomba) from a dialectologically comparative perspective, based on the Līchábͻ́l (LiC) and the Līnàjùúl (LiN) variants. In reaching its focus, the study also looks at noun affixation and noun classes in Līkpákpáln. First and foremost, we argue that LiC and LiN manifest a number of intriguing divergences with respect to the morphological phenomena in question (noun-plural formation, noun affixation and noun classes). We specifically note some points of differences having to do with LiN class 2 plural suffix -lííb and the corresponding LiC -b and -m, class 2a -mbá in LiN and LiC -mám as well as LiN class 6 ń- as against the LiC ŋī-. Also, we establish that vis-à-vis the Gurma noun class linguistics, LiC seems more conservative than LiN is, as the latter appears to be evolving further away from Gurma. Additionally, we make the observation that the trend with class 6 prefix in LiN raises a curious theoretical issue in the face of on-going arguments on Gurma noun class systems.


Volume Number 44.2
Topic #1 Morphology
Topic #2 Dialectology
Author This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Language English
Language Family Gur
Subject Language Līkpākpáln ‘Konkomba’

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