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A Phonetic analysis of Uvwiẹ vowels A Phonetic analysis of Uvwiẹ vowels

This study presents a phonetic analysis of the vowels of Uvwiẹ drawing upon evidence from acoustic cues. The acoustic properties of the sounds were examined using Praat 6.0.16 software on a notebook running Windows 10. The aim was to identify the surface vowel qualities attested in the language and to examine the phonetic parameters within which the vowel system of Uvwiẹ could be described. Data for the study comprised lexical samples elicited from two adult L1 speakers of the language. The impetus for the study is the dearth of linguistic works on the Uvwiẹ language, an endangered language spoken by the Uvwiẹ people of southern Nigeria. So far, only Omamor (1973) has examined the phonetic vowels of Uvwiẹ. It was found that contrary to observation by Omamor, the formant frequency values suggest that there are seven surface vowels in the language. It was also found that the vowels vary in three phonetic lengths- short, normal and long, and in formant bandwidth which cues the distinction between oral and nasalized vowels. Thus given all phonetic parameters, the Uvwiẹ language may be understood as having a total of twenty-eight surface vowels.


Volume Number 44.2
Topic #1 Vowels
Topic #2 Vowels
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Language English
Language Family Atlantic
Subject Language Uvwiẹ

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