Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 27, Number 2

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pdf.png Surplus agenda, deficit culture: Language and the class-divide in Nigeria Arasanyin, Olaoba F. 1.65 MB 816 Download
pdf.png Group identity strengthening in the Nso culture: The uses of oral abuse by older women Mutaka, Ngessimo M. and Ngoran Loveline Lenaka 729.85 KB 454 Download
pdf.png Maintaining face in the Nso culture: A study in politeness strategies in letters between schoolgirls Mutaka, Ngessimo M. and Ngoran Loveline Lenaka 933.11 KB 411 Download
pdf.png Languages in contact: The case of Edo and Portuguese Imasuen, Ekhato Otamere 678.33 KB 1,297 Download
pdf.png La numération dans une langue gurma: Le cas du ncam Takassi, Issa 790.19 KB 397 Download
pdf.png L'utilisation du français et de l'adioukrou par les Aïzi Boone, Douglas, Silué Lamine and MaryAnne Augustin 654.08 KB 332 Download
pdf.png Description et hypothèses sur la nature de l'UPT: L'exemple des langues gbe Gbéto, Flavien 756.68 KB 426 Download