Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 27, Number 1

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pdf.png On the question of standard Fante Abakah, Emmanuel N. 1.01 MB 892 Download
pdf.png A preliminary study of Yevegbe: Animist cult language in Eweland Akuetey, Caesar 535.02 KB 550 Download
pdf.png Structures of coordination in Ewe Dzameshie, Alex K. 558.78 KB 545 Download
pdf.png Consonants and tone in Kera (Chadic) Pearce, Mary 1.47 MB 573 Download
pdf.png Feature geometry and the formation of labio-velars: A reply to Mutaka and Ebobissé Connell, Bruce 1.09 MB 462 Download
pdf.png Tonal 'upstep' in Engenni Snider, Keith L. 477.12 KB 355 Download