Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 25, Number 2

Title Author Size Downloads    
pdf.png Les copules en six langues ouest-africaines Wilson, Andre 2.52 MB 546 Download
pdf.png Are le and li dialectal variants in the Ewe language? Akuetey, Caesar 1.28 MB 701 Download
pdf.png The semantic basis of noun class systems: The case of the ki and nge classes in Fulfulde Breedveld, J.O. 2.17 MB 1,144 Download
pdf.png Optional, conditional, and obligatory prenasalization in Bafanji Silverman, Daniel 763.07 KB 371 Download
pdf.png Vowel harmony in Kinande Mutaka, N. M. 5.57 MB 804 Download
pdf.png Two Ife particles and their discourse function Klaver, Marquita 1.01 MB 536 Download
pdf.png Identification lexicostatistique des groupes bantoides stables Piron, Pascale 6.89 MB 948 Download