Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 24, Number 2

Title Author Size Downloads    
pdf.png Tone assignment in Duala noun reduplication Mutaka, Ngessimo M. 1.69 MB 511 Download
pdf.png Compilation de listes de mots Swadesh modifiées recueillies parmi les langues du groupe diola (sud du Sénégal) Carlton, Elizabeth Masland and Sharon R. Rand 4.31 MB 820 Download
pdf.png The phonology of Joola Huluf Pike, Eunice V. and Bernard Diatta 755.66 KB 729 Download
pdf.png Nominal tone in Nawuri Casali, Roderic F. 2.44 MB 633 Download
pdf.png On the nature of Wh-questions in Echie Ndimele, Ozu-Mekuri 1.95 MB 846 Download
pdf.png A reclassification of the Igbo =rV suffixes Onukawa, M.C. 1.68 MB 504 Download
pdf.png Construction de l'image dépréciative: les cas des expressions imagées en dagara Kuupole, Domwini Dabiré 704.91 KB 355 Download