Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 24, Number 1

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pdf.png Case assignment in Denya Abangma, Samson Negbo 574.92 KB 441 Download
pdf.png The interaction of tonal features in Yabassi Mutaka, Ngessimo M. 535.66 KB 418 Download
pdf.png Liquid elision in word-final syllables in Esan Ejele, P.E. 470.92 KB 1,009 Download
pdf.png Intelligibility and language boundaries among the Cangin peoples of Senegal Williams, Gordon 1.26 MB 685 Download
pdf.png Notes on tag answers in Dagbani Wilson, W. A. A. 107.16 KB 375 Download
pdf.png Discourse peak and poetic closure in the final stanza of a talking drum performance Neeley, Paul 375.51 KB 359 Download
pdf.png Passive incorporation and clause structure Biloa, Edmond 215.91 KB 379 Download
pdf.png The Lower Cross languages: A prolegomena to the classification of the Cross River languages Connell, Bruce 1.65 MB 1,218 Download