Journal of West African Languages

Category: Volume 22, Number 2
Language Family: Grassfields
Topic #1: Aspect and Mood
Topic #2: Tense
Downloads: 6

Temps et aspect de la langue bangwa

Author Nguendjio, Emile-Gille
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  French
File Size 505.2 KB
Download 814
Language Family: Other Benue-Congo
Topic #1: Syntax
Topic #2: Focus

Issues in the syntax of standard Yoruba focus constructions

Author Awobuluyi, Oladele
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 904.55 KB
Download 1,600
Language Family: Cross River
Topic #1: Tone
Topic #2: Syntax

Deep-level high tone as a relational link in certain Ibibio constructions

Author Essien, Margaret M.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 384.44 KB
Download 984
Language Family: Mande
Topic #1: Morphology
Topic #2: Pronouns

La morphologie du pronom en soninké

Author Halaoui, Nazam
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  French
File Size 822.74 KB
Download 785
Language Family: Bantu
Topic #1: Tone

Le système tonal du ge-via (Gabon)

Author van der Veen, Lolke J.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  French
File Size 1 MB
Download 602
Language Family: Kwa
Topic #1: Discourse
Topic #2: Deictics

Contrast in context: Focus and definiteness in Ga

Author Kropp Dakubu, M. E.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 833.79 KB
Download 775
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