Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 14, Number 2

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pdf.png Stative verbs in Igbo syntax Nwachukwu, P. Akujuoobi 806.75 KB 1,228 Download
pdf.png Biafada, Pajade, and the 'polyglotta' Wilson, W. A. A. 724.45 KB 453 Download
pdf.png Relative clauses in Makaa Heath, Daniel and Teresa Heath 689.33 KB 458 Download
pdf.png The forms of negation in North Ibie and their functions Schaefer, Ronald P. and Richard Masagbor 1.57 MB 422 Download
pdf.png Toward an understanding of some ideophones of color in Emai Schaefer, Ronald P. 535.83 KB 347 Download
pdf.png Les verbes en Bangando Boursier, Daniel, Jean Mokoto and Ursula Wiesemann 714.76 KB 363 Download
pdf.png Simple and extended verb stems in Hausa: Towards an internal reconstruction of of the Old Hausa verbal system Wolff, Ekkehard 1.06 MB 712 Download