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Rules and rule relations in Akan day names Rules and rule relations in Akan day names


This paper examines the formation of day names in Akan within linear (rule-based) and non-linear phonology. It reveals the mechanisms available in Akan phonology for lexicalization of day names: phonological rules apply to weaken, delete, insert or modify linguistic units in the derivation of day names. The paper provides evidence for the rule ordering in the derivation. The rule relations of feeding, bleeding, counterfeeding and counterbleeding, can be supported in the formation of day names in Akan. Differences in Twi and Fante day names are functions of differences in rule ordering in their subgrammars of the Akan language. For example, there is the dispreference of ja after a syllable (*ơ.ja) in day names. This is repaired by either deleting the syllable preceeding ja, or by deleting ja itself. The fact that Twi and Fante dialects of Akan order the two rules differently accounts for the formal difference in day names such as: aba (Fante) ~ jaa (Twi); kwaw (Fante) ~ jaw (Twi); and esi (Fante) ~ akosçija (Twi). There are other formal differences between the two dialects that are equally due to difference in their rule ordering.


Volume Number 46.1
Topic #1 Phonology
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Language English
Language Family Kwa
Subject Language Twi

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