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Ideophones in Kusaal Ideophones in Kusaal


Ideophones, also referred to as ‘expressives’, have in recent years received massive attention in the literature from linguists across the globe. What still remains undoubted is the fact that ideophones are unique on a language specific basis and as such the need to uncover their nature using individual language analyses. Thus, this paper sets out to study ideophones in Kúsáàl, a Mabia (Gur) language spoken in the Upper East Region of Ghana. This article advances the claim that ideophones in Kúsáàl exhibit syntactic links with adjectives and adverbs yet they show distinctive morphological, phonological and semantic properties that set them apart from all other lexical categories such as nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives in the language.


Volume Number 44.1
Topic #1 Ideophones
Topic #2 None
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Language English
Language Family Gur
Subject Language Kusaal

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