Journal of West African Languages

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A unified analysis of the Ẹdo -lv suffix A unified analysis of the Ẹdo -lv suffix

This study provides a unified reading of the do -lv suffix. Previous analyses of the suffix have argued for either an iterative reading on verbs suffixed with the -lv extension or a plural reading on arguments (internal in the case of transitive verbs and external in the case of intransitive verbs). This work accounts for the reading of the do -lv suffix as a complex interaction between aktionsart (the features [punctual] and [telic]) and transitivity. Preliminary data available lead us to posit that the basic function of the do -lv suffix is to extend events temporally. It achieves this through two strategies; the -lv suffix ‘extends’ [+punctual] verbs by imposing an iterative reading on the verb while [-punctual] verbs are extended by pluralizing verbal arguments. This study thus shows the pertinent role of aktionsart in the grammar of the Ẹdo language.


Volume Number 43.2
Topic #1 Morphology
Topic #2 Semantics
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Language English
Language Family Other Benue-Congo
Subject Language Ẹdo

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