Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 34, Number 1

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pdf.png Automatic and Nonautomatic Downstep in Chumburung: an instrumental comparison Keith Snider 544.12 KB 549 Download
pdf.png La participation des consonnes comme unites porteuses de ton en kotafon, dialecte gbe du Sud-Benin Flavien Gbéto 476.51 KB 425 Download
pdf.png Etude du marqueur ɖu en éwé Caesar A. Akuetey 591.12 KB 394 Download
pdf.png Upstep of low tone in Njyem and Register Tier Theory B.S. Chumbow and Pius W. Akumbu 520.65 KB 506 Download
pdf.png The phenomenon of ideophonic pairing in Igbo Chinedu Uchechukwu 467.84 KB 518 Download
pdf.png Nigerian English in 'Dry leaves on Ukan trees' C.U.C. Ugorji and E.O. Osiruemu 323.75 KB 534 Download