Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 31, Number 1

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pdf.png The syntax of Yorùbá reflexive epithets Ajíbóyè, Oladiipo 362.81 KB 920 Download
pdf.png Constituent structure of the associative construction in Grassfields Bantu Tamanji, Pius N. and Gratiana L. Ndamsah 153.75 KB 826 Download
pdf.png Ghost consonants and lenition in Leggbo Udoh, Imelda Icheji 323.65 KB 952 Download
pdf.png The lexicographer's burden: The case of Igwe's (1999) Igbo-English dictionary Anagbogu, Philip N. 96.87 KB 933 Download
pdf.png L'expression de la miminalité prosodique dans les emprunts européens en fon Gbéto, Flavien 140.34 KB 543 Download
pdf.png The floating low tone in Bantu Neba, Ayun'nwi N. 81.36 KB 623 Download