Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 28, Number 2

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pdf.png Agreement and the internal syntax of Bafut DPs Tamanji, Pius N. 1.17 MB 441 Download
pdf.png Durativity, punctuality, and the imperfective paradox: The case in Esan Ejele, P.E. 774.07 KB 574 Download
pdf.png Coreferentiality and focus in textual cohesion: Evidence from Yoruba Bamgbose, Ayo 618.64 KB 520 Download
pdf.png Symmetric versus asymmetric vowel height harmony and e, o versus i, u in Proto-Bantu and Proto-Savanna Bantu Stewart, John M. 937.05 KB 468 Download
pdf.png Hiatus resolution in Nupe Kawu, Ahmadu Ndanusa 997.91 KB 667 Download
pdf.png W.A.A. Wilson on Creissels' Mandinka grammar Wilson, W. A. A. 763.36 KB 509 Download
pdf.png Analyse de la quantité vocalique en san Paré, Moïse 366.62 KB 430 Download