Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 28, Number 1

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pdf.png Contrastive focus in the Ganja dialect of Balanta Fudeman, Kirsten A. 373.19 KB 717 Download
pdf.png The syntax and semantics of tense markers in Esan Ejele, P.E. 553.81 KB 1,131 Download
pdf.png Functional categories and verb movement in Ivie Emuekpere-Masagbor, Grace 606.7 KB 805 Download
pdf.png Noun classes and phonology in Konni Cahill, Mike 1.07 MB 811 Download
pdf.png Interaction of imbrication and reduplication in Kinande Mutaka, Ngessimo M. 774.17 KB 554 Download
pdf.png Vowel harmony in Bijago Wilson, W. A. A. 517.49 KB 631 Download
pdf.png New directions in West African language studies Bamgbose, Ayo 144.03 KB 516 Download
pdf.png Le locatif en ghomala' Domché-Téko, Engelbert 273.88 KB 816 Download
pdf.png Vowel harmony and neutral vowels in C’Lela Dettweiler, Stephen H. 781.9 KB 630 Download