Journal of West African Languages

Category: Volume 23, Number 2
Language Family: Other Bantoid
Topic #1: Classification
Topic #2: Historical Linguistics
Downloads: 7

Is there a Furu language group? An investigation on the Cameroon-Nigeria border

Author Breton, Roland
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 1.09 MB
Download 1,044
Language Family: Other Benue-Congo
Topic #1: Interrogatives

Making requests in Igbo

Author Okolo, Bertram A.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 333.83 KB
Download 915
Language Family: Atlantic
Topic #1: Sketches and Notes

An outline description of Biafada

Author Wilson, W. A. A.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 2.14 MB
Download 1,082
Language Family: Creoles and Pidgins
Topic #1: Tense
Topic #2: Aspect and Mood

Prédication et marqueurs aspecto-temporels du pidgin English camerounais

Author Mbakong Tsende, A.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  French
File Size 1.2 MB
Download 685
Language Family: Kwa
Topic #1: Semantics

Semantic diversity in Ewe words

Author Duthie, Alan S.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 841.51 KB
Download 999
Language Family: Bantu
Topic #1: Verbs
Topic #2: Morphophonemics

The canonical verb root and Kikuyu reduplication

Author Peng, Long
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 714.43 KB
Download 841
Language Family: Bantu
Topic #1: Tone
Topic #2: Verbs

The application of tonal rules in the Duala verb

Author Mutaka, Ngessimo M.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 1.58 MB
Download 718
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