Journal of West African Languages

Category: Volume 23, Number 1
Language Family: Other Bantoid
Topic #1: Classification
Topic #2: Comparative Studies
Downloads: 7

An outline classification of the Mambiloid languages

Author Blench, Roger
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 889.94 KB
Download 562
Language Family: Dogon/Kru
Topic #1: Prepositions
Topic #2: Voice

Postpositions and the valency marker in Krahn: Monosemy versus polysemy

Author Bing, J. M. and J. Duitsman
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 618.58 KB
Download 606
Language Family: Atlantic
Topic #1: Morphology
Topic #2: Voice

The -mi and-e morphemes in Joola-Foñy

Author Gero, Marcia L. and Stephen H. Levinsohn
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 583.48 KB
Download 704
Language Family: Chadic
Topic #1: Plurals

The plural in Lele

Author Cope, Pam Simons
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 233.78 KB
Download 675
Language Family: Bantu
Topic #1: Tone

Le système tonal du basaa

Author Kody, Zachée Denis Bitjaa
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  French
File Size 1.16 MB
Download 758
Language Family: Bantu
Topic #1: Morphophonemics
Topic #2: Vowels

Vowel harmony, syllable structure and the causative extension in Lobala: A Government Phonology account

Author Morgan, David
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 2.22 MB
Download 855
Language Family: Kwa
Topic #1: Historical Linguistics
Topic #2: Consonants

The second Tano consonant shift and its likeness to Grimm's Law

Author Stewart, John M.
Date 2014-Sep-5
Language  English
File Size 3.17 MB
Download 1,299
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