Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 21, Number 2

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pdf.png Anaphora interpretation in hausa narrative: application of topic-set theory Christopher, Gregory 1.11 MB 502 Download
pdf.png An analysis of repartee structure in Hausa narrative discourse Rand, Sharon 469.94 KB 620 Download
pdf.png An introduction to the distribution of stative clause types in Hausa narrative Cain, Kathy 568.25 KB 453 Download
pdf.png The evil judge: A Hausa folktale. Insights from stratificational grammar Goring, Tim 446.89 KB 403 Download
pdf.png Features marking peak and peak' in Hausa folktales Brye, Ann Elizabeth (Johnson) 182.19 KB 357 Download
pdf.png A discourse analysis of the Hausa fable 'The Hyena and the Drum' Cain, Bruce 538.27 KB 559 Download
pdf.png Introduction to the Special Section on Hausa narrative structure Burquest, Donald A. 334.94 KB 640 Download
pdf.png A note on Dogon in Accra Kropp Dakubu, M. E. 314.66 KB 377 Download
pdf.png On the distribution of clausal wè in Fongbe Lefebvre, Claire 737.91 KB 403 Download
pdf.png The phonological structure of the Senufo word (Sicite) Garber, Anne 943.39 KB 595 Download