Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 20, Number 2

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pdf.png On the internal structure of the word in Edo Omoruyi, Thomas O. 627.5 KB 1,697 Download
pdf.png La phrase complexe en diola-fogny (Ouest-Atlantique): propositions relatives Hopkins, Bradley L. 578.63 KB 465 Download
pdf.png A model for the study of reported speech in African languages Wiesemann, Ursula 246.45 KB 406 Download
pdf.png Anyi literacy program Burmeister, Jonathan 251.86 KB 626 Download
pdf.png Standardisation et modernisation de la langue fe'efe'e Sadembouo, Etienne and Sammy Beban Chumbow 936.42 KB 760 Download
pdf.png Kasem tones and orthography Awedoba, A.K., Hewer, P.L. 730.11 KB 497 Download
pdf.png Tone analysis and tone orthography Mfonyam, Joseph 661.43 KB 673 Download
pdf.png Transitional phonologies and their implication for orthographies: The case of Ora Donwa-Ifode, Shirley O. 670.09 KB 666 Download