Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 17, Number 2

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pdf.png Nasality in Ogberia Chumbow, Beban Sammy 1.08 MB 462 Download
pdf.png On negating the consecutive verb in Akan Dolphyne, Florence 541.51 KB 552 Download
pdf.png Basic mood in Ife Boëthius, Hélène 1.27 MB 460 Download
pdf.png Lexical and postlexical rule application: Vowel deletion in Yoruba Akinlabi, Akinbiyi and Francis Oyebade 1.18 MB 721 Download
pdf.png The particle of contrast maa in Waama Brückner, Kathrin 736.41 KB 470 Download
pdf.png A note on J. Kinda's article Naden, Anthony J 89.6 KB 408 Download
pdf.png Les solem-koeese chez les Moose Kinda, Jules 825.35 KB 330 Download
pdf.png Towards a typology of coalescence Awobuluyi, Oladele 832.14 KB 743 Download