Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 16, Number 2

Title Author Size Downloads    
pdf.png Première note sur le Konni Naden, Anthony J 1.38 MB 491 Download
pdf.png Pluralization Strategies in Edo Omoruyi, Thomas O. 706.87 KB 962 Download
pdf.png A problem of internal reconstruction: Is there a morpological change sa, si ->ya in Hausa? Voigt, Ranier M. 510.75 KB 561 Download
pdf.png Les styles de discours en Sar et leur mode d'emploi Gakinabay, Mayange and Ursula Wiesemann 486.75 KB 417 Download
pdf.png Pronouns, creolization, and decreolization in Nigerian Pidgin Faraclas, Nicholas 751.36 KB 788 Download
pdf.png Some comments on nasalisation in Lele Simons, Pamela S. and D.A. Burquest 213.01 KB 519 Download
pdf.png A note on the Yoruba subordinator 'ti' Lawal, Nike S. 262.24 KB 475 Download
pdf.png Adjectives and adjectivalisation in some languages of the Western Delta of Nigeria Omamor, Augusta P 816.63 KB 572 Download