Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 16, Number 1

Title Author Size Downloads    
pdf.png The Nupe a-construction revisited Madugu, Isaac S. George 1.92 MB 747 Download
pdf.png Modal categories in Mofu-Gudur Hollingsworth, Kenneth R. 1.1 MB 476 Download
pdf.png Nominal and verbal pluralisation in Podoko Jarvis, Elizabeth 450.84 KB 492 Download
pdf.png A note on the grammatical homophones of -k- Isukul, Caroline 186.33 KB 445 Download
pdf.png The marking of tense in Nomaante Wilkendorf, Patricia 1.91 MB 609 Download
pdf.png Extensions du radical en Nomaante: La morphologie dérivationelle Taylor, Carrie 1.34 MB 487 Download
pdf.png Tense and aspect in Yala Oko, Okoji R. 779.04 KB 575 Download
pdf.png Vowel roundness in Gbe: A pandialectal approach Capo, Hounkpatin C. 966.11 KB 461 Download
pdf.png Niger-Congo: SVO or SOV? Williamson, Kay 343.28 KB 679 Download