Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 15, Number 2

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pdf.png Aspects of Igbo dialectology: A comparative phonological study of Onitsha and central Igbo dialects Ikekeonwu, Clara I. 528.3 KB 756 Download
pdf.png The inclusive/exclusive distinction in Ejagham Watters, John R. 700.66 KB 386 Download
pdf.png Animate and inanimate pronominal systems in Ngyemboon-Bamileke Anderson, Stephen C. 613.29 KB 420 Download
pdf.png A note on tone and stress in Cerman Hürlimann, Ruth and Eunice V. Pike 143.64 KB 495 Download
pdf.png Glide formation, elision, assimilation and contraction: A reassessment - Evidence from Isoko Donwa-Ifode, Shirley 622.61 KB 1,036 Download
pdf.png A note on syllable and tone in Vagla verbs Crouch, Marj 1.04 MB 481 Download
pdf.png The interrelation between aspect and mood in Dényá Abangma, Samson Negbo 544.4 KB 322 Download
pdf.png Hypothèse sur la genèse de la nasalité Niger-Congo Bole-Richard, Rémy 725.88 KB 388 Download