Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 15, Number 1

Title Author Size Downloads    
pdf.png Un morphème de classe suplémentaire en fulfuldé Vallette, René 495.48 KB 289 Download
pdf.png Negation in Ibibio: A syntactic-phonological approach Essien, Okon E. 879.3 KB 947 Download
pdf.png Interrogative sentences in Chadic: Reconstruction and functional explanation Frajzyngier, Zygmunt 794.71 KB 478 Download
pdf.png Two relativization strategies in Koonzime discourse Beavon, Keith H. 2.69 MB 560 Download
pdf.png Vowel features in Gbe Capo, Hounkpatin C. 650.42 KB 382 Download
pdf.png Vowel coalescence - a reply Faraclas, Nicholas 537.16 KB 376 Download
pdf.png The tenth vowel in proto-Kwa Armstrong, Robert G 358.19 KB 463 Download
pdf.png Vowel coalescence across the word boundaries in Chumburung Snider, Keith L. 414.63 KB 595 Download