Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 2, Number 1

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pdf.png Morphological features in the verbal system of Fula Arnott, D.W. 841.96 KB 483 Download
pdf.png A reconstruction of the Pajade mutatino system Wilson, W. A. A. 506.17 KB 478 Download
pdf.png Assimilation and contraction in Yoruba Bamgbose, Ayo 521.48 KB 1,364 Download
pdf.png Kasem nominals - a study in analyses Callow, John C 585.98 KB 700 Download
pdf.png Some Twi Phrase Structure Rules Boadi, Lawrence A 511.98 KB 730 Download
pdf.png The Grusi subgroup of the Gur languages Bendor-Samuel, John 597.58 KB 428 Download
pdf.png A brief note on the Maha language Newman, Paul 166.04 KB 577 Download
pdf.png Some observations on alveolar and dental consonant articulations in Higi Laver, John D.M. 2.72 MB 564 Download
pdf.png A bibliography of R.C. Abraham - Linguist and lexicographer Hair, P.E.H. 392.95 KB 439 Download