Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 13, Number 1

Title Author Size Downloads    
pdf.png The Idomoid languages of the Benue and Cross-River valleys Armstrong, Robert G 9.51 MB 2,864 Download
pdf.png "I" et "U" en Hwe et leur place dans la reconstruction du proto-Gbe* Capo, Hounkpatin C. 2.47 MB 613 Download
pdf.png The high unadvanced vowels of Proto-Tano-Congo Stewart, John M 2.79 MB 877 Download
pdf.png The classification of Eggon: Plateau or Benue group Gerhardt, Ludwig 2.06 MB 1,079 Download
pdf.png La classification nominale en Ega Bole-Richard, Rémy 1.56 MB 702 Download
pdf.png The origin of Y in Kanuri Cyffer, Norbert 1.86 MB 745 Download
pdf.png The vowels of proto-Edoid Elugbe, Ben Ohi 1.52 MB 960 Download