Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 37, Number 2

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pdf.png A Sociolinguistic analysis of vowel lengthening in Yorùbá Reuben O. Ikotun 516.14 KB 804 Download
pdf.png Nasal vowels in Ika Igbo Joy Oluchi Uguru 561.51 KB 1,852 Download
pdf.png Low rise and high rise intonation in English and Ika Igbo: An acoustic analysis Joy O. Uguru 1.35 MB 1,398 Download
pdf.png Tone and the Associative Construction in Akan Emmanuel N. Abakah 539.37 KB 1,053 Download
pdf.png L’Expression du bénéfactif et ses implications syntaxiques dans les langues du groupe bantu A70 Nzang Bie Yolande 758.9 KB 440 Download
pdf.png Red is a verb: the grammar of colour in Chumburung Gillian F. Hansford 1.01 MB 952 Download