Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 37, Number 1

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pdf.png Different types of data: A case study of Goemai demonstratives Birgit Hellwig 295.05 KB 548 Download
pdf.png Language ecology and language endangerment: An instance from the Nigeria-Cameroon borderland Bruce Connell 547 KB 754 Download
pdf.png Language endangerment and Edo North as a residual zone Ronald P. Schaefer and Francis O. Egbokhare 184.36 KB 638 Download
pdf.png Observed dearth and death of a language: !Xoo of Botswana Kemmonye C. Monaka 453.13 KB 554 Download
pdf.png From gender identification to assertion: on the use of -tte and -tta in Zargulla, an endangered Omotic language Azeb Amha 506.94 KB 531 Download
pdf.png Chimwiini: Endangered status and syntactic distinctiveness Brent Henderson 371.13 KB 657 Download
pdf.png Locative expression in Tutrugbu: Losing typological characteristics due to contact James Essegbey 856.08 KB 646 Download
pdf.png Rare and endangered – languages or features? An African perspective Friederike Lüpke 451.18 KB 563 Download