Journal of West African Languages

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Category: Volume 36, Number 1&2
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pdf.png Pushing back linguistic time in the Trans-Volta: movement, assimilation and loss M.E. Kropp Dakubu 600.36 KB 558 Download
pdf.png Do the Ghana-Togo mountain languages constitute a genetic group? Roger Blench 590.28 KB 1,000 Download
pdf.png Noun classes in Tutrugbu James Essegbey 469.84 KB 928 Download
pdf.png Focal aspects in the Lelemi verb system Ines Fiedler and Anne Schwarz 534.44 KB 866 Download
pdf.png Focus constructions in Tuwuli Matthew W. Harley 438.09 KB 850 Download
pdf.png Focus in Logba Kofi Dorvlo 518.01 KB 885 Download
pdf.png An overview of Foodo, a linguistic island in Benin Gray C. Plunkett 369.65 KB 2,647 Download
pdf.png Verb extensions in Likpe (Sɛkpɛlé) Felix K. Ameka 873.21 KB 778 Download
pdf.png Temps, Aspect, Mode en ikposso Ufualè Christine Afola-Amey 526.75 KB 746 Download
pdf.png Emergence d’une marque de causation en ikposo ? (kwa, Togo) Aude Soubrier 1.99 MB 536 Download